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Make sure your resume stands out for the right reasons!
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Eliminate embarrassing mistakes and typos
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Have AI recommend corrections to the text
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Let AI generate completely new sections that you can just paste into your resume

Resume AI’s advanced algorithms can identify common mistakes like typos, grammar, and formatting errors and suggest ways to improve them. It can also help you optimize your resume for specific job roles and industries, ensuring that you get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

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What will we correct in your Resume?
20+ General recommendations

AI will review your full resume and suggest corrections that needs to be made

State of the art GPT4 new

All paid analysis and recommendations are generated by GPT4 algorithm 😎

Write completely new sections new

AI will write 4 different summaries of your resume + LinkedIn Profile based on your CV

Full Grammar corrections

Have your Resume free of any grammar mistakes! Very important.

Personal skills adjustments

Adjustments of your personal skills are going your way. See what AI thinks.

Resume structure adjustment

AI will look into structure of your resume and suggest additions or changes in the structure

AI Cover letter & e-mail writernew new
Introducing our state-of-the-art AI Cover Letter Writer, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline your job application process by crafting personalized cover letters tailored to your unique resume and the specific job position you desire.
Personalized Content

Our AI Cover Letter Writer crafts bespoke cover letters by analyzing your resume and the entered job position.

Time-saving Efficiency

Generate a customized cover letter in seconds, allowing you to focus on preparing for interviews and landing your dream job.

Keyword Optimization

Boost your chances of getting noticed by incorporating industry-specific keywords derived from the job description.

PDF Export

Export your tailored cover letter as a visually stunning, professionally designed PDF, perfect for email attachments or online applications.

Professional Tone and Structure

Make a great first impression with a polished, persuasive, and visually appealing cover letter crafted by our AI.

Email creation

Our AI Cover Letter Writer generates engaging email text that complements your cover letter, providing a cohesive job application package.

AI Cover letter writer
What our customers told us

〝Resume check gave me the confidence I needed to make sure my resume was on point and ready to be sent out.〝

Project manager

〝Your advice really made a difference!〝

Service worker

〝he resume checker was an invaluable tool for me in my job search, as it helped me create a resume that was professional and refined!〝

Office assistant

〝The resume checker showed me where I was going wrong with my resume, and how I could make it stand out in a positive way.〝

Web developer

〝he resume checker provided me with clear and concise guidance on how to make the best of my resume and make sure it stands out from the competition.〝

PR manager
Free check
AI Resume check
AI feedback :
Let GPT4 to assess your resume
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Free feedback to your resume
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4 text correction
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PDF viewer showing, where to make these changes
Full check
Competition price: 30€-55€
AI Full Resume check
AI feedback :
Receive list of general feedback, actionable improvements & grammar corrections
AI writer will create new sections in your resume
Stand out with your re-written resume
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2 Resume Check's
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11+ Actionable improvements
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25+ text correction
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PDF export of your suggestions
Full check + Cover letters
Unique Offer!
AI Full Resume check + AI Cover Letters...
AI Cover letter :
Automatically generate Cover Letters and Emails to specific positions
Tailor AI generated text considering your resume, experiences, education
One click export to PDF
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1 Resume Check
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20 Cover Letters
Correct your resume with GPT4 new AI-checks 🤖
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